CargoMatrix Inc. is uniquely positioned to handle the challenges facing the logistics and cargo industries. These challenges include the movement towards software solutions that will provide transparency, accuracy, measurable performance metrics and making technology accessible to providers and stakeholders of all sizes.
Software and hardware solutions are designed around the global vision of industry leaders and organizations that are carving the path of future industry standards. Our unique value proposition is our pro-active approach to being abreast of technology trends; regulatory requirements; market demands; product trends and developing solutions to ease the challenges facing Shippers, Air Carriers, Forwarders, Ground Handlers and other Stakeholders in the supply chain.

Smart Software Solutions

At CargoMatrix, we pro-actively focus on providing solutions for ever-changing demands on industry stakeholders including:

Our solutions:

Cargo Order Manager Icon

An Order Management solution which offers complete and comprehensive visibility to all stakeholders throughout the supply chain. The Cargo Onhand component of the solution allows for on-handing of shipments arriving at the warehouse by individual order, and automatically sends messages where applicable. This component is fully integrated with Cargo Dimensioner for capturing weights and dimensions. COM expedites shipment handling, streamlining warehouse processing; maximizing warehouse resources; reducing costs and providing expeditious, accurate communication.

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Cargo Task Manager Icon

The Cargo Task Manager solution is the “Control Centre” - managing, in real time, all of the tasks associated with the processing of a shipment. This solution provides oversight of personnel and resources offering the perfect workload management tool and includes a live dashboard of task characteristics and completion progress.

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Cargo Receiver Icon

The Cargo Receiver solution manages the receipt and recovery of every type of freight into the warehouse regardless of the origin or mode of conveyance. Freight is checked in to warehouse locations and accounted for. This solution features automated reporting on overages, shortages and damages (OSD).   

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Cargo Loader Icon

Whether building pallets, containers or trucks, the Cargo Loader solution offers a tool to warehouse staff which incorporates shipment information, restrictions and special instructions. With the ability to prioritize the loading process using pre-determined criteria this solution is also integrated with Cargo Screener and ensures unscreened freight is not tendered.

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Cargo Inventory Icon

Offering real time inventory visibility and fully integrated with Cargo Receiver and Cargo Discharge, this solution is also able to satisfy status updates usually performed during receiving or discharging of freight. During the inventory process, this solution has the ability to recognize freight in the warehouse not previously scanned, and will recover, check in and add a location to the freight. Automatic calculation of storage charges and other accessorial fees feature in this solution.

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Cargo Discharge Icon

Managing the release of freight from the warehouse, the Cargo Discharge solution features the ability to ensure freight not released by customs is not discharged. In addition, freight release is impeded if charges are due on the freight in question. This unique solution will embed an image containing the driver’s details and the delivery order into the shipment history file.

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Cargo Screener Icon

Freight screening processes are fully integrated with our Warehouse Management System. The Cargo Screener solution keeps an electronic record of screening data, meeting local regulatory requirements and being easily accessible for review and audit purposes. Our Security Solutions are uniquely integrated with recognized suppliers of Security Detection Devices and supports Explosive Trace Detection ETD (Smiths Detection and Safran Morpho) ; X-Ray (Rapiscan) and physical inspection.

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Cargo Snapshot
Snap, Annotate, Share

Make it easy! The Cargo Snapshot solution manages those daily time consuming proof of condition processes. Whether recording damages or satisfying the need for Proof of Condition before leaving a facility this solution supports both scanners and mobile devices (smartphones, tablets etc.). Featuring easy to use Dropdown menus containing standard damage codes and the ability to annotate and add text notes - images are effortlessly uploaded wirelessly for viewing, printing or emailing from your device. Save time, improve productivity and manage claims effectively.

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Cargo Dimensioner Icon

Integrated with dimensioning devices and weigh scales, Cargo Dimensioner further streamlines processes and eliminates errors caused by manual entry which could potentially have repercussions on safety and revenues. This solution is integrated with our mobile device application and allows for handheld or mobile devices to receive information via WIFI connection directly from the Dimensioning device.

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Cargo Manifest Planner Icon

Understanding customer differences, loading preferences and business rules specific to particular customers poses no challenge for the Cargo Manifest Planner utility. While planning building and consolidation of shipments many other variables outside of customer differences need to be accounted for. From compliance with loading proximities to specific rules for special cargo, maximum allowable weights, heights and dimensions for specific ULD’s and aircraft types to warnings on restrictions for overhangs, Cargo Manifest Planner is an invaluable component of the planning process.

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Cargo Utils Icon

Manage from the warehouse floor. Cargo Utils solution allows for barcode label printing from handheld devices, looking up shipment details, relocating shipments accompanied by real time inventory updates and setting up the warehouse by shift to name a few. Cargo Utils, manages ad-hoc warehouse functions without having to enter an office and works towards our common goal of paper by exception.

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Cargo Move Tracker Icon

Integrated with GPS devices, MAPS, Sensors and more, Cargo MoveTracker is a track and trace solution, offering a full suite of track and trace process components used to manage pickup and delivery of shipments. Cargo MoveTracker provides full visibility to current shipment status and availability, Customs holds, proof of delivery and charges due.

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HostPlus Icon

The Nerve Center of our solutions, HostPlus is a multithreaded operating system managing multiple requests simultaneously. HostPlus updates database tables, sends emails, prints documents, is integrated with a document management system, creates reports and handles integration with multiple stakeholder systems and so much more…

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Our Story

From as early as 1999 – when industry leaders determined the need for streamlining and standardizing processes to define common milestones that would secure incremental improvements to industry quality – CargoMatrix Inc. has built its solutions with the end in mind.

Our foundations are constructed on the principles of eAWB, eFreight and the ability to perform in such a way that the shipping of high-demand commodities and special shipments is handled effectively and efficiently. This ensures customers do not lose market share of lucrative and niche markets.

Our diverse multi-national team was selected to drive our focus on developing smart solutions that add value and reduce operating costs. Motivated, versatile, and creative, we challenge our team to find new ways to eliminate redundancy and to improve efficiency and quality by simplifying complex processes through the use of automation and the most current technology.

We create Smart Software Solutions!

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