February, 2017
CNS Air Cargo Focus Magazine

October, 2016

True to his voracious curiosity and passion for new technologies, Eytan discusses the Physical Web and the technical evolution of the internet  Read more...

CNS Air Cargo Focus Magazine

JuLY, 2016

In an interview with Robert Christensen, CEO Eytan Sheerit presents the company history and how it has formed the CargoMatrix Inc. approach. Focused on holistic solutions, uniquely and creatively designed, CargoMatrix Inc. applies proven technologies and applications for the logistics industry.  Read more...

CNS Air Cargo Focus Magazine

June, 2016

Actively further enhancing the capabilities between CargoMatrix Inc. solutions and Rapiscan X-ray devices, this phase in our partnership includes the development of API’s that will be compatible with EU regulations by April 2017 and will be demonstrated in Europe.
Partly funded by the European Commission, Eurosky aims to provide systemic solutions for European air cargo security, offering stakeholder groups enhanced capabilities for integrating preventive and reactive controls to address threats.

May, 2016

CargoMatrix Inc. and Rapiscan have worked with DHL Global Forwarding to successfully deploy the first fully integrated solution with X-Ray equipment for Cargo Screening worldwide. In their State-of-the-art facility, DGS provides the most square footage for cargo operations of any gateway airport in North America. In addition, CargoMatrix Inc. Handling solutions are being used to manage the daily operations at this Gateway.

March, 2016

The full integration of CargoMatrix Inc. Cargo Screener solution with Rapiscan X-Ray devices has been successfully tested and approved by the Transport Security Administration in the United States. This attainment marks the beginning of an exciting milestone for integration and field deployment of the solution.

February, 2016

Karen Joins us with a solid background in aviation, Business Process Management, Sales and Business Development. Early career with Lufthansa, Karen held various positions with the Global Airline. Recruited by Swissport International, Karen was transferred to run the then largest operation outside of Zurich at JFK. Later with Worldwide Flight Services, Karen held a number of positions and worked cross-functionally. Most recently Karen worked with Quantem Aviation Services as VP Sales and Operations.

November, 2015

Previously with Infosys, Vineeta has worked with the team at CargoMatrix Inc. since 2007. Vineeta helps mobilize execution activities to meet CargoMatrix Inc. and its Clients goals and drive program communications to promote cross-team alignment, solutions architecture, executive decisions and engagement. As Key Account Manager for DHL Global Forwarding in North America, Vineeta managed the deployment of many upgrades, new solutions and daily support of the CargoMatrix Inc. solutions and quickly became a key stakeholder in our partnership/relationship with DGF NA. Most recently Vineeta served as Product Manager, where she was involved in the Design and Development of all of CargoMatrix Inc. Logistics software solutions.

August, 2015

DFW – Quantem Aviation Services will use the CargoMatrix Inc. Cargo Move Tracker solution to manage the American Airlines Mail (USPS) contract in their DFW hub. Integrated with GPS devices, MAPS, live flight information, sensors and more, Cargo Move Tracker is a track and trace solution, offering a full suite of track and trace process components used to manage pick-up and delivery of shipments and Carts. Cargo Move Tracker provides full visibility of drivers, carts and flight / gate status at all times to handle in excess of the forty million pounds of mail American Airlines moves through the facility a year.

June, 2015

With rapid demand for innovation, CargoMatrix Inc. has expanded its development team, augmenting specific know-how as it welcomes new team members in Canada. Now developing logistics technology solutions in four countries, CargoMatrix Inc. stays on the forefront, while ensuring leading edge technologies enhance the development of its solutions.


The QDTRAC solution is currently live in all Quest Diagnostics locations across the United States. QDTRAC is being used by Quest Diagnostics Dispatch Supervisors, Route Service Representatives and Shipping. With the recent replacement of the Route Management and Optimization software by Quest Diagnostics, CargoMatrix Inc. has completed the full integration with Ortec as rollout to all of Quest locations continues.

May, 2015

CargoMatrix Inc, has partnered with QAS to launch the CargoMatrix “Mobile Cargo Handler” (“MCH”) suite of products intended to simplify data capture and service milestones for cargo supply chain participants, including third-party logistics providers. This modular solution incorporates CIMP/EDI compliant messaging capabilities with on-site operational requirements, creating a one-stop, comprehensive solution for cargo handling needs. Automated warehouse management using 2-D barcodes, and the integration of cargo screening processes with TSA-approved technologies, defines CargoMatrix Inc. MCH as the most current and innovative system available in today’s cargo warehouse handling environment.

January, 2015

Rapiscan has selected CargoMatrix Inc. to develop API’s that will fully integrate with Rapiscan’s X-Ray devices. Rapiscan Systems has been the trusted partner of global government agencies since 1993 and is the world’s leading Security provider of State of the art products and solutions.

November, 2014

Further enhancing screening functionalities, CargoMatrix Inc. is now fully integrated with Morpho (Safran) Electronic Trace Detection devices that provide an extensive range of qualified and certified technology-based solutions to efficiently detect explosives and other threats.
CargoMatrix Cargo Screener solution keeps an electronic record of screening data amongst other innovative functionalities.

August 2013

Now located in Hewlett New York, our brand new two story facility is the home to our expanding software team on the first floor, and our 3D printing studio on the second. 3D-R-US now offering 3D design and printing services using advanced 3D printer technology.

Visit us at:
CargoMatrix Inc.
1208 W Broadway
Hewlett, NY 11557
Phone:1 (516) 792-0400
Fax: 1 (516) 706-0142

May, 2013

Sporting the latest in 3D printing technology, CargoMatrix Inc. has now launched a new 3D printing Company called 3D-R-US. Using innovative technologies, the most current 3D printers and a variety of 3D print materials, the concept enables 3 easy steps: Design, Upload, Receive. (3D-R-US will print your design, package it and deliver it) Based in New York, the Company is in discussion with a key commercial software developer of 2D and 3D Computer-aided design drafting.


Quest Diagnostics selects CargoMatrix Inc., to create 'QDTRAC' - a state of the art mobile solution to track and control specimen movements across the United States.

March, 2008

The CargoMatrix ‘Cargo Screener’ software solution is now fully integrated with Smiths Detection ETD devices. Smiths Detection offers advanced security solutions in civil and military markets worldwide. The CargoMatrix Cargo Screener solution keeps an electronic record of screening data, meeting local regulatory requirements and being easily accessible for review and audit purposes.

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